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KNK NAKO, manufacturing company r.s.p.
Sklárska 1958, 962 05 Hriňová

Tel: +421 919 077 909

IČO: 47 211 997
DIČ: 202 379 8018
IČ DPH: SK2023798018

GPS: 48°35'46.6"N 19°32'24.5"E (48.596274, 19.540149)

If you have any problem or question or would like to cooperate with us, there are several ways to contact us right away. You can use the form below, or emails and phone numbers listed below.

Contact details


Mgr. Ingrida Martincová, PhD. – Assistent of Director, HR specialist, payroll accountant
mobil:  +421 919 077 909

Company Director

Ing. Jaroslav Střelec, CSc. – President and CEO
mobil: +421 905 344 946

Sales Department

Ing. Zuzana Střelcová – Sales Director
mobil: +421 905 610 073

Ľuboš Kvanta – Expedition Manager
mobil:  +421 919 077 990

Manufacturing Department

Ing. Emil Halgaš – Production Manager
mobil: +421 919 078 333

Economic Department

Andrea Malčeková – economist
mobil: +421 905 713 789

Sheltered workshop and sheltered workplaces

Substitute performance from a sheltered workshop and sheltered workplaces

KNK NAKO also offers you the possibility of delivering goods from a sheltred workshop/sheltered workplaces.
This offer can be useful mainly for our partners who, as an employer, do not meet the relevant provisions of the law about employment contributing services of the Slovak National Council No. 5/2004, i.e. does not fulfill the obligation to employ a certain number of employees with a disability and is interested in using substitute performance for the goods.