Material cutting / separation

  • Sawing of bars and profile material (steel, stainless steel, aluminum) of various sizes and shapes by sawing cutting machines – disc saw PKG, band saws BOMAR, PEGAS
  • Cutting metal sheet in NTE electric sheet metal cutting machine and in CNTA hydraulic guillotine metal shearing machine
  • Burning sheets and profile material with oxygen-acetylene flame

Mechanical Machining processes

  • Turning on classic center and turret lathes
  • Turning on lathe machines
  • Milling and boring on conventional universal milling machines
  • Flat surface grinding on conventional flat grinders
  • Grinding on Scotch-Brite grinding disc machine, polishing
  • Drilling on Classic Drills, thermal friction drilling Flow-Drill, Thread Cutting with Threading machines

Pressing and cold-forming

  • Pressing on eccentric press machines LEN, LEPA (max. 100 tons)
  • Pressing on hydraulic presses PUNCH and CDC2
  • Bending on the CNC hydraulic press brake machine TRUMPF
  • Curling of tubes, pipes and profiles
  • Press-bending of tubes, pipes and profiles
  • Thread rolling by hydraulic thread rolling machines


  • Hand arc welding with a coated electrode
  • MIG / MAG Welding – welding in a gas shield using the MIG / MAG method
  • TIG Welding – welding in an inert gas shield with a non-consumable tungsten electrode
  • Resistance spot welding with BNK spot welding machine
  • Resistance spot welding, protrusion welding, nut and bolt welding with British Federal STRONGHOLD resistance spot welder
  • Subsequent machining – welds grinding – angle grinder and belt grinder GRIT
  • Cleaning up of visual weld connections

Pressure die casting

  • Pressure zinc alloy die casting (ZAMAK5) on FRECH die casting machine
  • Manufacture of technical and decorative castings according the requirements

Surface preparations before surface treatments

  • Grinding, polishing
  • Deburring, polishing, brightening, grinding in RŐSLER rotary vibratory finishing technology
  • Degreasing based on water-soluble biodegradable degreasers in an automatic degreasing system ADS 300

Surface treatment of metal products

  • Powder coating – Electrostatic application of powder paints
  • Galvanic plating – zinc chromate, nickel

Mounting and packaging

  • Mounting of simple and more complex steel sub-assemblies and assemblies
  • Packaging of connecting and other mounting fittings for furniture in the dismantle to PE bags, sealing