KNK NAKO manufacturing company was established in 2013 when, after the division of the former manufacturing company KNK – originally the largest producer of furniture fittings in Slovakia – continued with its manufacturing activities. .

The KNK manufacturing company was a strong partner in the field, with a significant position not only in the domestic but also in the foreign market, and its successful activity dates back to 1993. Same like the former manufacturing company KNK, also KNK NAKO keep to a manufacturing tradition of ROZKVET manufacture, and before SLUŽBA, that was established in 1956.

Not only the tradition of production and assortment, but also the tradition of employing people with disabilities has been preserved. In this tradition, KNK NAKO continues to work in a present and creates job opportunities for 12 employees with disabilities in its sheltered workshop and sheltered workplaces.

The proven tradition of production and technological processes, which KNK NAKO gradually improves and modernizes, makes it possible to continually improve the quality of products and to expand into new markets.