Applying our basic principles, we continue in KNK NAKO company’s goodwill building activities and strengthening our market position.

  • A loyal and fair approach in business relations and partnership based on mutual trust and respect
  • Credible and consistent approach to production following economic development and environmental responsibility
  • Modernization of processes with regard to preserving the tradition of Slovak manufacture

Our strategic business relations have grown into neighboring countries and many other EU countries, with cooperation being developed not only in the export of our products but also in the import of materials for our products.

We are a strong and especially loyal partner with a long manufacturing tradition and a stable market position. Our strategy in the field of business relations is to create long-term and solid cooperation that will benefit both partners – ‘double win’ strategy. Only such cooperation focused on the customer’s needs and meeting of these needs and requirements will allow the joint growth and prosperity of all interested parties

Our partners